Friday, October 15, 2010

The Rundown II

Bad time to be an attractive Jets female employee (see Ines Sainz)

I must say, I did acknowledge October as the best time of the year for us sports nuts. One thing that I didn't count on was all the controversy and scandals taking place. Listening to sports radio and ESPN, I've grown accustomed to hearing just about anything you could possibly think of and not being surprised. I mean, Mel Kiper has even been thrown into some scandalous accusations. With everything going on in the world of sports right now, I thought of no better time then to bring back the Rundown. For anyone reading this and saying to themselves, "What the hell is the rundown?" It is a bunch of sports topics that I briefly touch base upon. So without further ado here is the Rundown!

Brett Farve - Gives new meaning to the phrase commonly referring to him as "gunslinger" except there's not much of a gun  Kind of funny the incidents taking place with New York Jet female employees. ATTENTION if your an attractive 20 something year old aspiring female sports reporter do not apply at any New York Jets facility! One last thing, ironic how Farve the "Iron Man" who has a streak of 289 straight games started is contemplating taking a few games off due to elbow tendinitis, it must be a coincidence that this comes at a time of accusations of sexual misconduct.

Mel Kiper - Wow, what can you say about ESPN employees? Sean Salisbury (Brett Farve took a play out of his playbook) Steve Phillips, Dana Jacobson, Barry Melrose, Rush Limbaugh, all of whom had there controversies that either led to suspensions or being shown the door. ( What's really interesting about this whole thing is last year Kiper seemed to be the only guy that had Jimmy Clausen as a top 10 pick, guess who his agent was....Gary Wichard.

It's ok Gilbert, your just misunderstood
Gilbert Arenas - This guy doesn't have a clue. Quirky and occasionally funny, albeit mostly unintentional has a real knack for some wild headlines. Faking injuries happens (see Jerome Bettis) but who in there right mind comes out after a game and says it? Stories of him putting his dogs on treadmills for exercise don't surprise either. Enough with the Gilbert stories though, that discussion deserves its own column!

Phillies vs Giants - Prediction: Giants in 7. Love their pitching and I believe Madison Bumgarner is a huge advantage for the Giants versus Joe Blanton as a game 4 starter. Is Roy Halladay really any better then Lincencum?  Sanchez vs Oswalt in game two should be a good one. The big adjustment the Giants made that is going to pay dividends is having Matt Cain pitch game 3. Now the Giants have positioned themselves to have Matt Cain in there back pocket for a deciding game 7.

Yanks vs Rangers - Unfortunate that Cliff Lee had to pitch game 5 of the ALDS. If Texas had Lee for game 1 this would be a totally different series. I will say this, Rangers team does not fear the Yankees though. With that said Yanks in 6, too much experience and catch the Rangers at a good time.

Cowboys @ Vikings - Two sexy Super Bowl picks, both  having down years. Loser's season may be done. Randy Moss loves torching the Cowboys. Vikings 27 Cowboys 24.

Falcons @ Eagles - Shame Michael Vick can't play in this one! Winner seizes "favorite" tag in the NFC. Falcons 24 Eagles 17.

Ben Roethlisburger - Huge lift for the Steelers. They weathered the storm, now have one of the games top 5 quarterback patrolling the offense. Steelers are finishing 13-3. My Super Bowl pick.

Dreadful NFC West - Who isn't convinced their Varsity high school team couldn't win this division?

Miami Heat - Anyone really surprised Dwyane Wade is hurt? At least not fantasy owners. Now Lebron is having hamstring issues. The season can't get here quick enough!

Enjoy the weekend sports goons!